Are We Almost There? San Diego: Where to Go and What to Do With the Kids

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California: Family. These theme parks, museums, and playgrounds offer perks and creature comforts for a wide range of abilities. Disneyland Resort , Anaheim The Orange County mecca has a wide array of offerings for guests with mobility, vision, and cognitive disabilities. Universal Studios Hollywood The L. Helen Diller Playground , San Francisco Open since , this playground in Mission Dolores Park has accessible pathways leading to a foot-long slide and two wheelchair-friendly play boats.

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Expand Hide. More Resources. Discover Los Angeles—L.

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More Ideas. California Attractions for Younger Kids. What's Hot Now. Discover Orange County. Spotlight: Greater Palm Springs. The Living Desert. See Major League Baseball in California.

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Families Love California. Welcome to Kidifornia. More To Explore. Discover the Central Coast.

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Spotlight: Disneyland Resort. Downtown Disney District. Shopping Spree. Regions Pick a region form the map or the list below to explore. Shasta Cascade 2. North Coast 3. Gold Country 4. San Francisco Bay Area 5. High Sierra 6.

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Central Valley 7. Central Coast 8. Deserts 9. Inland Empire Los Angeles County Orange County San Diego County. Regions Scroll down to explore the twelve regions of California. View more.

Highlights Spotlight: Pacific Crest Trail. Spotlight: Lassen Volcanic National Park. Spotlight: Butte County. California Welcome Centers in Shasta Cascade. The largest city, Eureka, is roughly a 5-hour drive north of San Francisco—but what a drive: see lush wine country, charming hamlets, spouting whales, and breathtaking sunsets. Spotlight: Mendocino. While gold is still found in the region, new riches include top museums and art in Sacramento, the state capital, plus whitewater rafting, tucked-away towns, farm-fresh dining, and award-winning wines. Highlights Spotlight: Sacramento.

California Welcome Centers in Gold Country. Highlights Spotlight: San Francisco. Spotlight: Alcatraz. Spotlight: Point Reyes National Seashore. Spotlight: Napa Valley. Spotlight: Sonoma County. Spotlight: Berkeley.


Agent codenamed "Crackle" - as she lured him to a train knowing there was a tracker in the item she stole. In the past, Carmen, a mischievous orphan, grows up on V. Isle and enrolls in V. Given the code name Black Sheep by her mentor Coach Brunt, she makes fast friends and enemies. When pickpocketing a phone from a staff member, she is called by a white hat hacker called "Player" who hacked into the V. When Black Sheep takes her final exams, she fails a test with Professor Shadow-san, and cannot graduate. Seeing her classmates going on their first mission, Carmen crashes the graduates' caper, touching down at an archaeological dig site in Morocco.

There, Carmen meets with the dig leader and develops an appreciation for history and culture, but the camp soon comes under attack by the graduates.


Are We Almost There? San Diego: Where to Go and What to Do With the Kids

She saves the dig leader from Gray, but is captured and returned to V. Now, knowing the truth about V. Recovering her phone, she calls Player and narrowly escapes, stealing a hard-drive with all of V. As she leaves, she takes the name "Carmen Sandiego" from the fashion store brand stitched onto her hat. In the present, she recounts her origin to Crackle, who she defeats and leaves for Inspector Devineaux.

Meanwhile, Agent Argent finds the stolen diamond from the dig in Morocco; Carmen left it to be recovered by the authorities, instead taking back lost trinkets from her childhood.

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Escaping on the River Seine , a pair of unidentified agents pursue Carmen, but she escapes with the help of her partners: Boston siblings Zack and Ivy. Player navigates the trio to a secret lab in Java , Indonesia , where V. Meanwhile, before Devineaux and Argent can interview Crackle, the "Cleaners" pick him up and take him back to V.

Isle, erasing all evidence he was there. Carmen's team track the supply truck carrying the bioweapon to a shadow-puppet festival, planning to covertly disperse the fungus in fireworks. Carmen engages Tigress in combat and is defeated, but Zack and Ivy successfully remove and destroy the fungus during the fight. Back on V.

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