Connected: Your Complete Guide To Home Networking

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I look forward to seeing what this community can do! In the event you hit that wall, there's a few ways around it. Ideally, breaking your guide into multiple "volumes" would be the neatest. Although, subsequent content for your guide could be written as a reply to your guide. Just tag your followup accordingly and if possible indicate there's more in your top post. I know that this question is kinda on the border of what I should post on this sub, but I'm not really sure where to put it.

I've been scraping the internet for any software that will take all network traffic, and put it on a world map - much like what you can do with the GeoIP database on WireShark, but in real time. However I recall a certain puma chipset or something being not a good idea? Is there any reason why?

If so which one is the best one to go with for Mb that is spectrum approved? It's no secret that Networking and security is two very related topics as most hackers benefit from the way a network allow them to hit their targets without physical being present. Below I have listed some videos for those with an interest in Networking and Wireless security. Network and Wireless Attack. Cyber Kill Chain.

A few weeks ago I moved into an a house with no broadband available, so I've been using my old smartphone with an unlimited 4G sim card to create a WiFi hotspot. Since that is now the phone's only purpose, I wonder if it would be worth streamlining it, deleting all the unnecessary apps, etc.

Would that be likely to have any impact on the speed or reliability of the WiFi connection? Can anyone recommend a simple and thorough way to wipe the smartphone down to the bare minimum?

Or it just a case of going through and deleting every app one by one? Sorry for the shitty title Please read on - not able to connect to openvpn running on my router. I have freshtomato on my router - so I then setup openvpn server on it on port TCP6. Cake Day. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Hot hot.

2. Access the router's interface and lock it down

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Home networking: Everything you need to know

Is there any software out there that puts live network traffic onto a world map? Does anybody know of a program that matches my description? Comments are locked. Reddit Gifts Secret Santa Extravaganza is back! Sign up by December 2nd to get matched! Network And Wireless Attack. The first thing we need is a good network router.

A step-by-step guide to setting up a home network

So what makes a good router? If we look on the internet most brands advertise with the speed of the wireless connection, how many Mbps the router can handle etc. But what we are looking for is. A router is never placed in the optimal position for good WiFi coverage. And good WiFi coverage and speed is the most important part of a good home network.

We will leave the Wifi to the access points, there are built for that.

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Now there are many routers on the market, but I have the best experience with the Unifi or Edge routers, both from Ubiquiti. You might have never heard of them, but they make enterprise-class network equipment for a really great price. The Unifi line uses a web-based controller which you can run on your computer or with a cloud key. You can use one controller to manage all your Unifi devices, get a clear overview of your network performance and connected clients. The performance of the devices is enterprise-grade, the prices really good.

If online gaming, streaming or video conferencing is important for you or your household , then go for the Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X.

How to Setup a Network Drive on your Home Network

This one has 5 PoE ports that you can use to connect and powerup your Unifi access points. This is one of the most bought routers on Amazon for a good reason. QoS prioritizes the network traffic, for example, streaming Netflix, YouTube , video conferencing Skype traffic is more important than normal download network traffic. So this is given a higher priority and is handled first over the network. The wifi performance is great and blazing fast. Connecting network devices by wire is the best solution if you want stability and performance.

Wireless networks are prone to interference which can be really frustrating when you are watching your favorite series on Netflix or competing in an online game.

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So when you have the opportunity, pull cables to every location in your house to ensure a good, reliable, home network. Yes, the Smart TV supports WiFi, but the built-in antenna is surrounded by metal which weakens the signal. And I hate it when Netflix keeps buffering, so if you have the chance, get an ethernet cable between your TV and router.

So as part of our home network setup, we need a good switch to connect all the devices together. The most routers come with 4 Lan ports, so if you are only going to use WiFi in your home, then a switch is not needed. In all the other cases, I recommend getting at least an 8-port switch to connect everything.

Why 8-ports? Well, let I take you through a shortlist of common network devices:. You see, nothing really special here and I already used the 8-ports. When buying a switch keep the following in mind:. The PoE allows you to connect the Unifi Access Points with only an ethernet cable, eliminating the need for a PoE adapter and extra power sockets.

The Unifi line is again enterprise-grade hardware for a good price. Combining all the Unifi products will allow us to manage our network with just one controller. It will make your life and network a lot easier. The 8 ports are fanless. Netgear has a lot of switch models, plastic housing, metal, managed, non-managed, big, small, grey, blue… But what we want is a managed switch, 8 to 16 ports and gigabit ethernet. The ProSafe series is the best choice for home and small business.

They can be wall-mounted really nicely, have a lifetime warranty and all the essential networking features.

follow link The ProSafe is a little bit more expensive compared to the Unifi, but it comes with more ports, so you only need one of it. Check the price on Amazon if you are interested.

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For every business or home network setup, I just use one brand for the access points, Ubiquiti Unifi. Because they are so easy to manage and have such a great performance that they are the best value for money in my opinion. So to get the best wireless network, we need to understand the layout and structure of our house and identify the places where the most Wireless devices are. Yes, you can place an access point in the hallway, but if there is a concrete wall between the hall and the living room, then your wireless signal will suffer from the concrete and rebar.

Unifi has multiple access points, you can read more in this article on choosing the right access point for your network and installing the access points. If you go for the all Unifi solution, make sure you check out the Unifi Product bundles on Amazon to save some money.