I Was Evicted From Earth!

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Desmond, M. Eviction and the reproduction of urban poverty. Desmond, Matthew. Suzanne Hall and Ricky Burdett. SAGE Knowledge. Have you created a personal profile? Login or create a profile so that you can create alerts and save clips, playlists, and searches.

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  • No-fault evictions making hundreds of families homeless each week.
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Please log in from an authenticated institution or log into your member profile to access the email feature. Ever since the earliest writings of the Chicago school, sociologists have pondered the movement of people across the metropolis. Social scientists have amassed considerable evidence that poor families exhibit high levels of residential mobility, moving, in most cases, from one disadvantaged neighborhood to another South and Crowder ; Sampson and Sharkey Although we have sound theories that explain why people move out of the slum, parlaying higher earnings into residential CQ Press Your definitive resource for politics, policy and people.

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Attorney Dennis Block Fuels Eviction Crisis

Click here. Gavin Newsom is expected to sign Assembly Bill into law this month. And while supporters celebrate its potential to stanch the flow of people who are priced out of their communities or onto the streets, landlords are grappling with what it means for them.

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The rent-cap law covers only buildings older than 15 years and applies to single-family homes only if they are owned by corporations or other institutional investors. Starting Jan. Block noted that any recent rent increase above the coming cap must be canceled in January. But no similar provision exists for the new just-cause eviction rules.

The controversial attorney made a similar pitch at another recent trade show, and in email blasts and social media posts. Landlords are often viewed as a monolith. But there are many different types, each with their own investment strategies.

Just Cause for Eviction | City of Hayward - Official website

There are professional investment firms that buy buildings in gentrifying areas so they can jack up rent. There are big Wall Street companies that, after the financial crisis created a wave of foreclosures, bought up single-family homes and rented them out. And there are mom-and-pop investors, who might have a day job and own a handful of buildings to pay for retirement. The law was pitched not as the ultimate solution to the affordability crisis but as a way to stop the bleeding from sudden double- and triple-digit percentage increases, as well as no-fault evictions that clear entire buildings for higher-income households.

Indeed, such a cap would have staved off large hikes in some neighborhoods. Not everyone in the real estate industry opposed the state bill. The California Apartment Assn.

Let's not forget them.

She said many property owners have been able to keep up with expenses and make a decent profit with increases below the new cap. And he said the legislation was needed because too many landlords were already removing low-income tenants to charge higher rent throughout the current real estate upswing.

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Miles Williams of Real Property Management Southland, which manages units in the Long Beach and Downey areas, said landlords should be able to part ways with a tenant once a lease ends. He predicted the new law will cause his company to be stricter about whom it rents to in the first place.

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  • No-fault evictions making hundreds of families homeless each week.

He will eventually need to refinance and one day may sell. Current rent levels will matter more during that process, he said, because banks and buyers know there are limits to increases. In Burbank, Karen Pearson called the new state bill unfair because it seems to be in opposition to the will of voters, who last year rejected Proposition 10, which would have allowed for stricter versions of rent control. Pearson, 56, worries about her fourplex, a property she and her husband bought to get them through their eventual retirement.

If the experience with rent control in Los Angeles is any guide, the state bill will, in the long run, result in more stability and affordability for tenants, said Daniel Flaming, president of the Economic Roundtable. In , the research group released a study of L. It surveyed nearly 5, renters in and and found that tenants in rent-controlled units saw more frequent increases than tenants in non-controlled buildings.

But when non-controlled buildings got increases, they were larger. The cap in L. For example, property owners might not want to risk that an increase creates a costly vacancy or ruins a relationship with an existing tenant.

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Overall, the Economic Roundtable survey found that tenants staying in rent-controlled units for two to 11 years wound up with a smaller cumulative rent increase than tenants staying for the same amount of time in non-controlled units. The largest savings went to those who stayed the longest. Flaming said the state bill, with its less-restrictive cap, will provide less protection than L. The added costs, and time, of having to prove wrongdoing when evicting a tenant could push mom-and-pop landlords to sell to large property owners.