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That is only a type of what it means for us today. The context shows us that. God is addressing His congregation, the people sanctified by Him. The Laodiceans are failing to do what they were called to do. They once knew how to measure. But not now. That is an astounding statement.

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But only a small remnant is willing to rise up and measure for God Revelation Those who prophesy for God are told not to prophesy! There is a man prophesying from Micah and all the major and minor prophets. Who is he? Where is he? You are reading his message now. Spiritually, it would be the blackest of black holes. They blatantly fight against revealed prophecy from God!

The specific prophecy mentioned here is the message in Micah. But it also applies to other prophecies that God revealed before and after the death of Herbert W. The Laodiceans have rejected all of the prophecy revealed since his death! And much of what was revealed to Mr.

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That is why God says none of them can measure. They are all blind Revelation The truth is just the opposite. Almost all of the revealed prophecies given since Mr. The book of Micah is about a battle between the Philadelphians and Laodiceans primarily—and it revolves around prophecy. The battle is between those who can measure prophecy and those who cannot. Are you sure that you can measure prophecy? This revelation you are now reading is about a multitude of physical catastrophes! We must learn to totally submit to the universe-creating God behind the revelation.

When the all-powerful God speaks, men must learn to listen, or they have no future. God reveals through His Spirit. He asks if the Holy Spirit can be restricted. They were loyal to God and then became an enemy in the latter days.

Micah: Who is Like God?

This is the worst possible catastrophe! They let men strip their righteousness away. Then they become spiritual dupes and are used by Satan in his war against God. They have forgotten that God called us into a great spiritual war! We are soldiers 2 Timothy 2 , and soldiers must fight—even die, if necessary. They label the books and booklets of Herbert W.

Armstrong as heresy. However, it was Mr. Many of the other people who came out of the Worldwide Church of God also fight against our work. All of the Laodiceans think they are fighting against us. But God cuts to the heart of the problem. They are fighting against God! They have become His enemy! They were called to fight for God. Instead, they have become traitors and left their posts in a time of war. But that is not the worst part. Now they have taken up arms against God. What an abominable treachery!

The saints are being stripped of their wedding garments. This is the Bride of Christ being stripped of her righteous garments, or doctrines and character! What a grotesque, monstrous sin! This is the worst possible disaster!

The Book of Micah - NIV Audio Holy Bible - High Quality and Best Speed - Book 33

In Micah , God compares the way people do business today to cannibalism. You have to continually watch out for yourself or they will prey on you and get everything you have! We live in times of terrible evil! God is saying, even though they talk about peace, they can be very cruel.

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So watch out! You cannot be led astray if you never had the truth. The Laodiceans are now in darkness, without vision or revealed prophecy. They were taught the truth.


The sun was up, but later went down. Their lives were filled with the spiritual sun; now they live in a world of black darkness. Spiritually, this is the blackest nightmare! The people of physical and spiritual Israel are having their skin ripped off their bodies and the flesh torn from their bones verses So these two names refer to physical and spiritual Israel.

Micah and Jerusalem

We continually teach the truths God revealed to Herbert W. If you understand what he taught, then you know that the church he founded, the Worldwide Church of God WCG , is presently a different church. Here is a quote from the leader of that church today, Joseph Tkach Jr. We teach salvation by grace, based on faith alone, without resort to works of any kind. This teaching resulted in our abandoning past requirements that Christians observe the seventh-day Sabbath as holy time, that Christians are obligated to observe the annual feasts, demanded to Israel in Leviticus and Deuteronomy.

Spiritually, the members of that church have been skinned and had the flesh ripped from their bones!

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Their leaders have no more true love for them than a butcher has for a piece of meat verse 3. Nobody is exempt! We must warn our own family out of love Revelation How can we do less and still say we love them? Notice, mercy is not mentioned here.