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Indeed, no matter how great your expectations are, the favor of Allah is greater than what you expect and hope. That was the state of the righteous and the eminent scholars in these situations and places. He turned to me. I asked him, 'Who is the worst among this gathering? Dear pilgrim, turn a deaf ear to the kind of sermons that narrow the road to Allah and His all-encompassing mercy and make people despair that their good deeds will be accepted. If someone is diligent in an act of obedience, they block his way saying: "What matters is not the act but the acceptance.

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Do you know whether your deed is accepted or not? This is actually nothing but despair of the mercy of Allah. Our certain faith in Allah The Almighty is that every good deed intended for the countenance of Allah will be accepted and its reward will be doubled. Allah The Exalted is more generous and munificent, far above refusing a good deed done by a slave sincerely for His sake.

Whoever expects anything other than this from Allah has thought ill of Him.

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And ever is Allah appreciative and knowing. O pilgrim, congratulations and glad tidings to you! You were born once again with your Hajj and left behind the accumulated sins and the transgressions of a lifetime and you return as the day you were delivered by your mother.

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Make your Hajj the starting point of a new life; resume your work, for you were pardoned for your previous deeds and what matters is that which is yet to come. Know that infallibility after deeds is not a condition for their acceptance. Do not think that after your Hajj you will lose your human failings and ascend to the dominion of angels with no desires or lusts.

No, you can never achieve this no matter how hard you work for it. However, you will start after your Hajj a new round being freed from the accumulated sins of the past, starting your life with great hope and turning towards Allah, performing numerous acts of obedience and striving against the self in misdeeds. If you commit a sin, follow it up with a good deed. You will share a space in our Workshop house and occasionally with an extra guest for a few days. It is a big and really nice house in the top of the village, quiet and peaceful. Upstairs there is a no-wall room, full of light, that you will be able tu use for meditation, yoga or other training,reading, painting We ask voluntiers to stay for a minimum of 2 weekes one month would be ideal.

It would be great to have an interview by a call or whatsapp if you are interested to come so we can make a previous connection.

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In your free time you just get bored if you want There will always be someone to have an interesting conversation. Intercultural envoirment. We have available guitar, so you can share your musical talents. We have space where you can be creative, read, meditate. Bring your colours and fantasy with you! Sometimes we need a hand with the garden or some construction work.

You can use your expertise or learn something new about the rural life. And you can always go for a walk At meters of altitude, in the Bierzo mountains with a scent of Galicia you will enjoy the landscape exploring the Camino de Santiago or the local treasures. Or just relax and enjoy the peace of the mountain…. Favourited times. Host rating. Last activity. Add to my host list Contact Register. Description The project has started about 5 years ago when a young Spanish couple and a baby to be born that today is a boy decided to keep learning about the countryside, searching for a re-connection with the nature and a consciousness life.

itlauto.com/wp-includes/tracker/1107-video-surveillance-system.php Cultural exchange and learning opportunities In exchange of your help, you will have healthy and homemade food, a quiet and peaceful place to rest and lots of things to learn and opportunities to inspire and be inspired. Accommodation La Faba is a really nice village in the mountains. Tony's Theme Oh My Golly!

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Vamos Surfer Rosa I'm Amazed Holiday Song 2. I'm Amazed 3. Rock A My Soul 4.

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Isla De Encanta 5. Caribou 6. Broken Face 7. Subbacultcha 8. Build High 9. Ed Is Dead Nimrod's Son Down To The Well I've Been Tired Boom Chicka Boom Vamos In Heaven Pixies Interview. Quick view.