The Last Tear

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USA Posts. Evangeline Moderator Emeritus. Trumpetman Moderator Emeritus. New Forum Posts via Email. Ask Here About the Forum Contact. FFP Poetry Forum. User Guidelines. I wrote this as a song many years ago. I found the sheet music and rewrote it in a poetic from. Very sad. Excellent poetry and poem. Great job.

Cry Your Last Tear

Heartbreaking poem, Ronnie. Beautifully written.

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Just amazing, such great poetry sad but beautiful. Very heartfelt and sad poem Bro.

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Ronnie, a great picture also. Sis Terry. Patricia, thank you very much. Evangeline, thanks for reading and commenting. Tia Mihr, as always thank you very much. Jeff, good insight. Chapter 31 - Memorial Gardens. Find the final tear. Table of Contents. General hints and difficulty levels Chapter 1 - The Lighthouse. Reach the top of the lighthouse. Chapter 2 - Welcome Center. Chapter 3 - Raffle Square. Important choice: first throw Fight your way to Monument Island. Chapter 4 - Comstock Center Rooftops.

Go to the Monument Island and find the girl part 1 Go to the Monument Island and find the girl part 2 Side mission: Find the key that fits the lock.

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Chapter 5 - Monument Island Gateway. Chapter 6 - Monument Tower. Find the girl Escape Monument Tower with Elizabeth. Chapter 7 - Battleship Bay. Chapter 8 - Soldier's Field. Chapter 9 - Hall of Heroes. Chapter 10 - Inside the Hall of Heroes. Find Slate past the First Lady's memorial. Chapter 11 - Hall of Heroes Gift Shop. Chapter 12 - Return to Hall of Heroes. Chapter 13 - Finkton Docks. Find Elizabeth. Chapter 14 - Beggar's Wharf. Pursue Elizabeth. Chapter 15 - Fort Franklin Pier.

Andrew Peterson - After The Last Tear Falls Lyrics

Rescue Elizabeth. Find a way into Finkton. Chapter 17 - Plaza of Zeal. Find the gunsmith Chen Lin. Chapter 18 - The Good Time Club. Chapter 19 - Return to Plaza of Zeal. Return to the gunsmith's workshop. Chapter 20 - Gunsmith's Shop.

After All These Years

Return to the gunsmith's workshop Find Shantytown's police impound. Chapter 21 - Shantytown. Find Shantytown's police impound Destroy the defense turrets. Chapter 22 - Bull House Impound.

Waiting For The Last Tear To Fall

Search for Chen Lin's confiscated tools Return to the gunsmith's workshop. Chapter 23 - Bull Yard. Chapter 24 - Finkton Proper. Chapter 25 - On to the Factory.